LJ Idol Minor, Week 4: Party
"Hazel and Peters Birthday Party"

Hazel and Peter woke up in the morning and got dressed. But when they went to brush their teeth they remembered that today was September 1st their birthday. They brushed their teeth quickly and ran down stairs. There downstairs waiting for them was their mom and dad. Their favorite breakfast was there as well.

Breakfast for them was waffles, scrambled eggs, and sausage. Peter ate thirds of everything. Hazel however only had seconds of everything. When they finished they both packed for school and hurried to the bus stop.

Hazel and Peter both boarded the bus for the first time that year. Peter sat with his friend Carter. Hazel sat with a new girl. Hazel asked her name. The girl said “I am Julia”. Julia asked Hazel what her name was. Hazel responded “I am Hazel”. Hazel asked if she was going to her school. Julia said “yes”. But just then the bus slowed down and stopped at their school.

School started with a lot of introductions. Time passed by quickly until it was time to hand out the invitations at the end of the day. Everyone got an invitation. At last the bell rang. They all waited for the bus. Finally it came. The time passed by when at last it was their stop.

They hurried home and had dinner. They stayed up late to watch movies and finally went to bed. The next morning they did their routine and when they came to the kitchen it was dark and empty until they saw a glow and heard many voices yell surprise. They saw everyone from their class and their mom and dad. They blew out the candles of the glowing cake and turned the lights on. After everyone ate the cake it was time for presents.

Hazel got a doll collection, a new book, a water balloon pack, and many other presents. Peter got a new book, new sunglasses, a fake sword, and many more other presents. Everyone enjoyed the party.

LJ Idol Minor, Week 3: Vacation
"Snorlax and Blissey’s Vacation"

Snorlax and Blissey were happily packing for a vacation off the farm. The Blissey made pie and other foods, while Snorlax packed their best clothes. They planned to go to Florida together for a special reason. The Snorlax and Blissey were going to perform beautiful concert. Snorlax was going to play violin. Blissey was going to sing. They checked their stuff and started to drive.

Blissey drove and they practiced their parts in the concert on the way there. They talked about what they would do after the concert. They decided to spend a month in Florida. But just then they hear a small creaking noise.

Snorlax and Blissey come out to examine the car and see a flat tire. The Snorlax saves the day by walking to the nearest tire store and buying a tire. They fix the car and drive more. At dusk they reach Florida.

They move into their cabin near the woods and fall asleep. The next day they slept and ate some food to recover from the journey. The next day they drove to the concert and got to their spots.

There were about twenty people performing and fifty thousand people watching. At last the concert started. It started with the Blissey’s solo and then the other solos. At last Snorlax had his solo and played it perfectly. When the concert was over they went and had ice cream.
The next day they spent together swimming and splashing each other. They had so much fun and enjoyed themselves at Florida that the month passed quickly. So they packed and drove home. Then they decided to get married and move to Florida.

LJ Idol Minor, Week 1: I'm Hungry!
"Snorlax and his Friend"

Snorlax was sleeping when all of a sudden he hears a moo of a farm he lives on and he knows that moo means it’s time to wake up because when he hears a moo the cows are outside on the field. Snorlax is very hungry in the morning so he walks slowly to the apple part of the farm. He picks 880 pounds worth of apples. He eats all of the apples and falls asleep on the bridge he loves. He wakes up to hear a tiny little Chansey singing to him. Snorlax smiles happily at the little Chansey singing to him. The little Chansey smiles back and climbs on to him. They slept together for awhile.

But then Chansey and Snorlax start having nightmares. They wake up and look around and they see a Gengar. The Chansey hides but brave Snorlax uses snore and scares the Gengar away. Then they realized it was the next day and they were both hungry. So they went to the pumpkin patch and Chansey made pumpkin pie for herself and the Snorlax. They slept some more. On the next day Chansey evolved into a Bissey and to celebrate she found ingredients on the farm and prepared a feast. All the farm animals and the farmer came. The next day the Snorlax and the Blissey rested and ate leftovers. They lived happily ever after.

LJ Idol Minor, Week 1: Far Away
"The Ghastly Paradise Island"

It was a beautiful summer day. Peter and his twin Hazel were packing for a trip to Maine.” I can’t wait to see the animals”. Hazel exclaimed. I want to go fishing. Peter said. We are done packing .They both shouted. They hurried to the car with their bags. “It’s going to be very weird being this far away from Tampa Bay”. Peter told Hazel. “I think so too”. she said in agreement. They started their journey happily. The family told jokes and sang songs for a while. Night fell when at last their dad said” we are here”.

The cabin they stayed at was smaller than the twins expected. There was no closet in their room so they put their bags at the end of their mattresses. They fell asleep on their beds as soon as they organized their stuff.

The next morning they got dressed and had breakfast as usual and they both remembered what they wanted to do.” Let’s do animals then fishing”. Hazel said. “No way fishing then animals”. Peter argued. “All right you two’. There mom said.” Me and your father agreed canoeing first then we shall see about the other activities”. “Aww”. They both complained.

“I got life jackets for all of us”. Dad said. He turned to us. “Peter and Hazel you get the first canoe me and your Mom are going in the second”. They put on the life jackets and entered the canoes.” Stay close to us’. Dad warned. Hazel and Peter started paddling. A little while later Peter said” lets go have lunch on that island”. “What island”? There dad asked. “Maybe your getting drowsy lets head back”. Ok. They all agreed. But Peter and Hazel paddled to the island.

They looked around and immediately loved the place it had everything they wanted. They spent a lot of time there that felt like minutes. Finally they said” when are we coming back”. But then they realized the canoe and ocean were gone. They paced around the island for hours and then Hazel remembered that there was a canoe with lake and thought maybe that wasn’t a lake so she tested the water and it was salty.” Peter”. She called. “I found it”.

They sailed back home and found a week had past they were shocked they thought it was just five hours. Seeing as they didn’t follow directions they couldn’t go fishing or see animals otherwise they had a great time on vacation.

LJ Idol Week 1: My sister.
Something my little sister liked to do when she was younger was to put silly things on her head. Here are some things she liked to put on her head balls from Steping stones museum, couch cusions, and pants. She also liked to put bowls, pans, and paper.

LJ Idol Introduction
My name is Alex . Some things I like are cats and reading. I am 8 years old. I like reading Harry Potter and Nancy Clancy. I turned 8 on September 8th. I also have a cat named Sombra. Sombra is spanish for shadow. We named her Sombra because she is almost completely black. My favorite colors are turquoise, red and green. I also really like to collect rocks. I also like to play with my younger sister Victoria. I also really like pokemon. My favorite pokemon is chansey.

I have read the whole series of Harry Potter. My favorite book was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban because I think Professor Lupin was a very nice teacher and how Sirius flew away on a hippogriff. I also really like when Harry got past the dragon in the fourth book.

I started liking cats when I looked at a picture of me and a cat. The only thing that annoys me about Sombra is she follows me everywhere except out the house. I now really like cats. My cat is also very calm around me. One of my cats only liked me for a while. Sombra also really likes me.


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LJ Idol Signup
Hello, my name is Alexandra, and I am signing up for LJ Idol.

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